When the Consultant Becomes the Client

  • Who is our audience? Have our priority audiences changed?
  • Does our current brand tell an outdated story?
  • What do we feel is working about our current brand? What is not?
  • What parts of Alta are we most proud of?
  • If Alta were a person, how would we describe them?
All-staff survey: “What are 2–3 things you like and dislike about Alta’s current logo (this can be color, font, style, look and feel, etc.)?”
Brand discovery workshop
A series of preliminary logo sketches from our Visual Communications team during the initial design process. We typically start with hand drawn sketches to get ideas on paper before moving into more detailed digital design.
Mood board with initial design concept: “Creating Places, Moving People.” Mood boards use existing and found imagery to explore larger visual themes, and are a helpful tool in helping clients identify design style, voice, and overall “look and feel” preferences. Credit from left to right, top to bottom: Community Farm Alliance branding by Bullhorn, Photo by Tristan Le via Pexels, Dynamic Brand Exploration by Eric Ressler for Cosmic, Photo by Jack Finnigan via Unsplash, Photo by William Short for the City of Santa Monica, Photo: Alta Planning + Design
Initial logo design concepts: The team presented a range of design options from a minor refresh of Alta’s existing logo to a more high level redesign. We typically present first round design drafts in greyscale before bringing color into the next round. This allows clients to review visual elements without potentially being influenced by specific color palettes.
Alta’s brand guidelines provide guidance on how to use the new visual identity so the Alta brand is communicated consistently and clearly.
Alta’s rebranded website and collateral materials



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Creating active, healthy communities.